The iTENS advantage


  • Current wireless TENS devices aren't Bluetooth app enabled, and make it very difficult to adjust the intensity or other settings while the device is being worn i.e. on the back.

  • Current TENS devices use alkaline batteries or weak and ineffective watch batteries to power the device for a shorter duration of time. The iTENS delivers 24-hours of continuous use per charge, and fully charges in less than 2 hours.

  • Current TENS devices use expensive replacement electrodes. iTENS replacement electrodes are over half the cost of current options.

  • Multiple iTENS devices can be used at once and discreetly worn under your clothes.

  • The iTENS is the first wearable device that does more than just collect data and deliver Biofeedback. It's a new wave of wearables that can actually treat the body.

  • The iTENS utilizes a patent-pending ultra-thin, multi-layer wing structure with a laser printed silver conductive surface to provide an unmatched quality of stimulation. A remarkably comfortable stream of current that doesn't feel pin-prickly or sharp like other TENS devices.

  • The iTENS allows for continuous upgrades to the apps function, features, and software capabilities.